IKEA Slipcover Sofa-Anyone Know Anything?

13 years ago

I have been searching for a slipcover sofa for awhile-have checked out quite a few online and several in stores. I finally got to a Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams showroom and liked one of their relatively affordable styles. Here it is:


The Alexa costs $1500, plus tax and $100 delivery charge, so total cost would be ~$1700. I liked it and was all set to buy it until I found out IKEA makes a slipcover couch that looks very similar, and is about 1/4 the cost of the MG/BW model!

The IKEA slipcover couch is called the Ektorp. Here it is:


This one only costs $400, and extra slipcovers in the color I want-white-are available for $50. Wow!

I tried to check out our only local IKEA store last week. It's a 70-mile round trip and unfortunately the parking lot was completely full. I was too astounded at that to go several miles away to the overflow lot(!), where trolleys were available to take you back to the store(words fail me). My sister and I bailed on the plan, and I hadn't planned to try again until I discovered while getting my hair cut today that my hairdresser actually was there the same day, had seen the couch I wanted to investigate, and reported it was lovely.

So I'm back to pondering...anyone have one, or know anyone who has had an IKEA slipcover couch? I'm well aware the internal construction is certainly a lot cheaper. However my history of sofa purchases suggests this isn't a life long commitment on my part anyway :). I'm really after the look more than anything else.

Any input much appreciated. The thought of getting a decent couch for quite literally a third of what I thought the price would be is mighty tempting. Oh, and the haul-it-yourself-the-assemble aspect isn't a big deal. If I pay for the gas for the truck and a fast food meal I've got a teenage son who will do the honors on that.



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