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Bathroom Decisions #1: Tile Color and Medicine Cabinet Choice

12 years ago

For the past five-six years, we have lived with our boys' bathroom being in demo mode after we fired the man who's shabby craftsmanship and poor work ethic we could no longer put up with. At the time, we purchased a new toilet and a Kohler Memoirs sink for the bathroom, which measures about 7 feet deep and nearly 6 feet wide. The major feature and focal point of this bathroom is a full-height walled neo-angle shower. The only glass is the narrow door. The toilet is on one side (in full view of the open door) and the pedestal sink is on the other side of the shower, sort of in it's own little niche. This is a windowless room, but there is a Solatube in the ceiling which brings in ample light. There is an ugly 1970s oak/pressboard cabinet above the toilet. The walls are in terrible condition, we ripped down the tacky 70s basement-quality paneling and some of the wall paper when we removed the munchkin height sink vanity. Both the toilet and the sink are Kohler white. Below a picture of an elegant bathroom that is very inspiring. I love the look.

The flooring in this room is Amtico vinyl planks in the "Priory Oak" color-pattern, it's beautiful and you would never guess that it is not real wood. This bathroom floor does not have a border treatment: Amtico is very durable and exceptionally good looking, nothing like other vinyl flooring.

Since this is a boys bathroom, I am looking for a more masculine (or at least neutral) look for the room, and am wondering if this pottery barn medicine cabinet is too dark for the floor. It's a very small room, and quite possibly this medicine cabinet will overwhelm the sink area anyway, it appears nearly black:, but it is a very dark brown. If not this medicine cabinet, then I will go with the white one. Because my sons are tall, I will buy the large 30"-34" long cabinet.


Here is the medicine cabinet in white:


I feel that I must make a decision on the medicine cabinet soon. Restoration Hardware also has a dark brown medicine cabinet. A medium brown is not available at either store. Any other medicine cabinet source suggestions? I am also toying with the idea of a wall mount cabinet rather than an inset one, but I really believe that inset cabinets looks so much better that in the end, they are worth the huge effort to make it work.

Another very significant issue is the color choice for the shower tile. I am leaning towards plain white ceramic tile. It's classic, it can be elegant, and it will still look good in 20 years. Particularly since I have the white toilet and sink, which we really can't afford to replace. I will probably do some form of subway tile, but before I get too focused on the type of tile, I need to pick the color and be at peace with that decision.

Do you think I can do a creamy beige/warm taupe bathroom with a white shower stall? Only the tile doorway trim will be visible to the room due to the walls enclosing the rest of the shower. However, this will be very prominent in this small bathroom. This may seem like an obvious answer, but I am truly confused about mixing white tiles and off-white/warm beige tones. Probably because I lack creativity, but that's the subject of another post. Will a rather beige/neutral room look cheap with white tiles? I am looking at Daltile 0100 white.

Thanks in advance for your help! I need it!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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