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The post I've been waiting to post - It has begun (with pictures)

13 years ago

It's on!

GC installed the rough corner shelving cabinet and support for granite work area/bar. Here's the pics:

Here's the part thats staying (at least the cabinets):

There's bianco romano granite being installed on the corner/bar area, as well as the rest of the countertops. The cabinet and supporting wood are going to match the existing cabinets. There's going to be 2 wall shelves installed above the wall w/o windows.

My one concern is that the granite bar, which we planned to be 16 inches, is now going to have to be somewhat smaller (something to do with as the counter got wider, the bottom shelf opening got smaller?) I think it needs to be at least 15+ wide to provide the useful eating/prep space I need. I don't have too much concern about there being an overhang. Should I? GC thinks it might look "weird."

Also, half of the contents of my kitchen are in my living room; GC didn't realize I had ceramic baseboard heat and now needs to bring in a heating guy to shut off the heating system one day to deal with laying the floor tile, and "hopes" to not have the heat off for more than a day. Um, did I mention I live near Philadelphia and its about 25 degrees out?

On the upside, I stocked up on wine. One word of advice from these boards I took very seriously.

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