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Re. soapstone: does it look different around the sink?

12 years ago

I ask because I think I remember someone writing on here (who knows where now!) that soapstone looks different around the sink due to all that water or use. If I get soapstone for our countertop, I plan on oiling it a few times until it becomes a nice charcoal color and then my hope was to after that keep it around that color by neglecting oiling it for a while, only every now and again (I don't like it looking too black or too light in color).

I was getting closer to making up my mind when I suddenly remembered this comment about the area near the sink. Any thoughts as to whether this can be prevented? Might that poster have been referring to the sink area only if the soapstone hadn't been oiled at all?

Also - it's SO hard to find my old posts without a good search tool on here - but I'm still wondering how to find out which soapstones are harder vs. softer. If anyone knows (name/company/origin) please let me know! :)

Thank you!

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