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It's snowing (and raining) - but I am thinking SPRING!

10 years ago

A few years ago, with the help of the wonderful visionaries on this board, I made many changes to the front of my house. We added the porch railings and the black bench and new plantings and such.

Now I need to make some changes. I am taking the two planters away from the garage (there is one on each side). They make a mess when the gutters overflow in huge rains, don't grow evenly because of sun patterns, etc. Anyway,

I want to add something to the front on either side of the door. I don't know if I want urns on either side of the door, or urns (or other choice) on the insides of the pillars, but I think I need something much larger - and with more height to give the entrance more presence.

Maybe the wicker needs repainted as well???

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Wide angle picture of front of house:

Angled shot of the right side of the porch:

Angled shot of the left side of the porch:

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