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rip out! our kitchen adventure begins (pics)

12 years ago

Well, there is no turning back now. After months of planning, we started demolition. This is in a townhouse in a really nice neighborhood. The townhouse is 16 years old and the kitchen was functional but dorky, with upper cabinets hanging down and blocking off the kitchen from the living room. Actually, it should be one big room, and that is what it will be after we are done. So it is a complete tear-out and rebuild, but we aren't moving any walls.

One of the sticky problems was that the hanging cabinets have drainage plumbing from upstairs running in them. This was a big issue in the design (done by a excellent kitchen designer.)

Our contractor says the plumbing can be tightened up to the ceiling, but will need 12 inches. This is a 10-foot ceiling. Our designer came up with a coffered ceiling design that will define the kitchen area. And she completely turned around the design, so that upper cabinets run only along the outside walls of the room.

The cabinets will be medium dark cherry, the oak floors will be repaired, sanded in something like provincial brown. The countertop will be Typhoon Bordeaux and we will use glass tiles along the one wall with a backsplash.

Of course, I will post more details in coming days. But this should either entice you or send you running in fear:

Before pic 1: taken looking into the living room through the kitchen.


Before pic 2: looking into the kitchen from the breakfast area.


After demolition, looking from the living room into the kitchen, which is now entirely torn out (the stove still works for now)


After demolition, looking into the living room, similar view from the first Before pic. The new kitchen will have no upper cabinets except along the outside walls.


The base plan, hard to read, I know. The second after picture was taken from the top right corner of the drawing:


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