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Fisher&Paykel GWL10U - Not Draining Prior to Spin Cycle

10 years ago

I'm getting error code 37. Water isn't draining prior to the spin cycle. I've reviewed many blogs, and I completed all the suggested diagnostics, I've replaced the diverter valve, and I've checked for clogs in the pump. The situation I'm experiencing isn't described anywhere that I've found.

At the start of the Spin cycle, the water is recirculating, so the pump is working. Within a few seconds of trying to start the machine on the spin cycle and as the water is recirculating, the agitator lurches just a little like it wants to spin and then stops. It does this again 10 to 15 seconds later and stops again. There's no peculiar sounds, etc. After several minutes, the error code pops up and the recirculation stops.

Is this a main board issue? Thanks in advance!


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