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Need help deciding lenght of faux Roman shades

12 years ago


Please bear with me as I am going to post photos. The first two are the bedroom wall and window As you can see the window is 3 panes wide but close to the floor.

In order to make them seem taller I am going to get faux Roman shades made that will go hgher than window in hopes to making it look more balanced.

The second two photos are the faux RS that I have in My kitchen and DR and would like the same styling, so these photos are to give you an idea of what I am going for.

The third photo is my sorry attempt at photoshopping the demensions with a curved bottom that I think might work.

Here is my question: Am I going to high? Or should I go even higher?

Please give me some feedback. Thanks.

wall now:



Kitchen and DR faux Roman shades:



My (LOL) photoshopped dimensions:


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