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What compensation for installer scratching our butcherblock?

11 years ago

1. How should we be compensated by stone installer scratching our butcher block countertop?
2. Please tell me that the stain can be removed from white marble slab backsplash?

So I got what I wanted: a 1 piece marble slab hood backsplash. But at a cost:
- Scraped butcher block countertop
- Scraped marble countertop
- Scraped finished painted wall
- Scraped upper hood cabinet
Yes, all of these can be remedied. It was an incredibly tight install. The slab was a bit too big for the space.

Stone company wants to know how much the butcher block will cost to fix.
Well, it was DIY. Actually, we just salvaged an old/cracked butcher block, sanded it down, stained it, waterlox 4 coats (planning to do more coats once installed).

--> So how do I estimate the "COST" to fix the butcher block?

For me, it's just time. It means that my moving into the kitchen and the ability to use the peninsula is delayed by a week or more. I need to sand it down (hopefully not have to restain) and re-waterlox the coats all over again.

Scratched butcher block countertop (and yellow stain):

Also, please tell me that they can remove this stain smacked dab in the middle of my white marble backsplash. Installer said they can apply some ?poultice?.
What could it be? bird dropping? They delivered it in an open pick-up truck.

zoomed in:

I should be clapping, cheering, jumping up and down so excited to share my beautiful backsplash (waited so so long for it). Instead, I am feeling pretty beaten. It's the kick in the stomach that adds to the rest of this kitchen reno hell.

Sorry for the bad picture quality; they're pictures of pictures/screenshots.

Thank you very much for your input,

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