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Tide Total Care Liquid: I'd like to try something else, but what?

9 years ago

I've been using Tide Total Care Liquid for a few years now, and I'm thinking I'd like to try something else. If I use enough to really get the clothes clean, I have to run extra rinses to get them rinsed to my satisfaction (which I admit, I'm kind of picky about) I've noticed that when I use the Woolite for Darks, it rinses out much cleaner than the TTC, and seems to do a better job. While I'll continue to use the Woolite on anything woolen (no enzymes), and I'll use the Vivid powder on my whites--it cleans well, smells nice, and rinses well, for everything else, I'd like to try something different for the rest of the laundry--reds, lights, jeans, etc. I have heard that Sears is discontinuing it's line of detergents, so I'll not go there. Persil is tempting, but is a bit on the expensive side for the amount of laundry I deal with. I'm open to either liquid or powder, I've been using both since I got my FL machine and have no trouble with smells or buildup. My water is very soft, and I need HE for my front loader. I don't care for anything that smells strong, I just want a light scent or nothing.

Any suggestions? What do you guys like?

Many thanks,

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