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Tile layout help needed ...

12 years ago

We are putting in ceramic tile in our entry-hallway-laundry room, continuing into the kitchen (PDF file here )

We've selected a nice 18x18 tile (actually 17.875x17.875 with a 3/16 grout allowance) and have a concern about the layout in an area where the hallway slants at an odd angle (around 20 degrees) toward the kitchen. We selected a key point in the middle of the hall/entry area for a diagonal layout and all looks good for most of the area. (There is a stone mosaic being placed in the blue outline in the entryway).

What about the layout in the area going to the kitchen where the hallway slants? We've gotten advice in the past to just let odd areas like this sort themselves out with the main layout, but have a few concerns about how it will look (not to mention the pain in cutting such odd angles!).

A second question involves the sheen ... Crossville appear to have increased the amount of sheen in the tile (Cross-sheen TM) since we looked at a sample and ordered the tile. We'd like to put on a more matte surface treatment if possible to minimize the animal tracks. Any advice?

BTW, the tile is 18'x18' Crossville ColorBlox in "Sidewalk Chalk", a slightly greenish grey in a shiny matte (if that makes any sense) finish. Grout will be a matching grey (3/16 width). Our look is transitional (contemporary- traditional with clean lines).

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile layout

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