Would You Paint Perfectly Good Brick?

8 years ago

Just throwing this out there for the masses!

I ask because we've just had a new dark grey shingled roof put on. It was way too costly to try to replace the original slate and quite frankly it was getting more and more dangerous on windy days. Our dormer sides were also slate so we had those stripped and we choose a mid tone grey ship lap siding for them. There is a very large peak in the back of the house w/ 2 windows (not dormer style) where the stucco was falling off so we had that peak done in the same gray ship lap siding as the dormers. Overall we are very pleased w/ the results.

During the course of the roofing/ siding project we determined that our original wood mudroom walls were rotting through on one side and we need to do something about that too. The mudroom is currently a white exterior and I was thinking that I might just do it in the same grey ship lap siding as the large peaked attic window area that is above it.

Our front porch is also undergoing a complete rebuild as it was rotting through and then an SUV drove into it (funny how fate works). Go figure! We were able to salvage and repair all of the columns and banisters after the SUV hit it but the stone foundation and stone stair walls of the porch was demolished.

So as I step back and look at our home I put on my gardener glasses: I wonder - how amazing would the home look if it were painted a darker grey w/ lighter gray trim and a soft grey-blue door? Maybe something on the SW Gauntlet Gray strip since I've used so many of those greys in the house. I have Nikko Blue hydrangea planted all around the foundation of the home and will add rows along the front porch when it is done. And how much would the layering of the varied shades of evergreens pop that I've started planting against a darker backdrop? The side garden between the houses is planted only in shades of white. White flowering shrubs, white roses and white flowering trees (there are grown trees between the houses now too - unlike in the pic) mixed w/ ferns and evergreens.

We had the last 1/2 dead tree taken down out front and will be planting all news ones along the street this Spring.

Then I put on my re-sale hat and think: "Hmmmm.....the entire color palette inside is white, grey and black w/ blue & green accents & that would be a great visual continuity from the outside to the inside." I would also think that all of our stained glass windows would pop against the darker outside wall color and our home would stand apart (but not ridiculously so) from the rest of the sea of brick up and down our street.

I'm getting ready to line up a painter anyways for a Spring trim paint job outside as all of our outside work will wrap up by then.

Is the brick ugly? No.

Is it in disrepair? No.

Is it cheap brick? I don't think so - always seemed good to me. Uniform color and very smooth. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Here she is pre outside work being started:

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