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What would you have done differently -- Thread 2

16 years ago

The last thread on this topic is now dying as it drifts to oblivion. Here's an attempt to consolidate the 150 posts:

drawers instead of pullouts (lots disagree), no skimping on labor, push back refrigerator instead of getting counterdepth, hoods wider than cooktops, run lighting plan by the lighting forum experts, more effort at design stage, more attention to countertop templating, no divided lites in glass cabinets, deeper upper cabinets, more time spent reviewing cabinet plans, slight negative reveal on sink to hide edge, no microhood, measure everything yourself (especially for appliances), honed the granite, checked out appliances for noise level before buying them, avoided granite altogether, two sinks instead of one, planned where light switches would go instead of on-the-run, measure how your cabinet space will be used, saying go-ahead-and-do-what-you-think to the contractor when you should make the decision, make sure that things won't result in appliances sticking out into the room, under cabinet lighting in strips not pucks, consider location of towels, stayed home to supervise carpenter, hired professional painter, knocked down old walls, 3-drawer cabinets instead of 4-drawers, avoided side-by-side and/or French door refrigerators (or not!), thought about location of prep work, location of other people in kitchen, built in more work stations, added a pantry, big drawer for plastic containers, custom cabinets, trusted my own taste, had taller cabinets, avoided filler pieces in lots of places, don't trust designers/contractors/subs, carefully consider cabinet hardware on your own cabinets, electric not gas over, nonsplashing faucet, consulted plumber before plans were finalized, check your cabinet drawings a million times, not getting gas stove, granite with too much or too little movement, run undercabinet lights towards front not center, stained interior of glass fronted cabinets to match outside, made more money to pay for it all, more outlets on island, wider baking drawer stack, avoided blind cupboards, avoid lowest bidders, planned better for demo, no full granite backsplash, not put a pull-out shelf over the refrigerator, more research, not checking references, keeping the peace with subs when we should have told them "no," nearly anything that I didn't decide myself but let someone else decide for me, large single bowl sink, included induction cook top and Advantium oven, used plug mold, put in an alcove over the cook top, deeper counter tops, and wood floors. Not perfect but a pretty good summary.

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