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Anyone Dislike Their Memory Foam Mattress?

11 years ago

After 4-5yrs of having it DH and I looked at each other this morning and said that we couldn't take it anymore. Ever since we got it he's complained of backaches in the morning and more often than not I wake up w/ the achiest hips. We're early and mid 40's. We spent a ludicrous amount of money for it and haven't had the extra money until now to replace it. I also think that we were just begging to like it because we'd always heard how good they helped you sleep.

I just think it's weird that we both get sore and achey from it.

Today DD's preschool teacher told me that they disliked their memory foam mattress and got rid of it last year so I'm feeling like I must have been a bit brainwashed.

Anyone else end up more sore after sleeping on a memory foam mattress or are we just the odd one's out?

DH wants to look at a sleep # bed now. Maybe better since he's a back sleeper and I'm a side sleeper.

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