Need help choosing LED lighting for long reach-in closet

7 years ago

I need recommendations for lighting the interior of a long reach-in closet. The closet is 18' long, 8' high and 26" deep, with wall-to-wall & floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors for full access. In the center of the closet, we plan to use 2 Ikea Pax wardrobes (w/o doors) for shelves, drawers and shoe organizers. The total size of those units will be approximately 70" wide x 93" high x 23" deep. On each side, there will be 74" of hanging space (single bar on one side and double on the other side) with a top shelf that is 18-20" deep (TBD) and 12-16" down from the ceiling.

I would like to use LED lights, since they are the coolest and most energy efficient option. We will occasionally leave the lights on with the closet doors closed for "mood" lighting, since there are frosted glass strips in the closet doors. We are already wired for a switch at each end of the closet, so the lights can be turned on from either side. (The wire "tails" are in the attic waiting for us to decide on the light locations.)

Our GC recommended recessed gimbal lights that swivel so the light can be aimed toward the clothes. We would probably use two 3" lights: one in the center of each 74" wide section of hanging clothes. The Pax units probably will be too close to the sliding doors to use puck lights in the center section. I bought 2 pucks at HD for $30 each, so this is the least expensive option. I do wonder whether it will provide enough lighting for the whole closet or whether the light might be blocked by the top shelves. The fixtures are 280 lumens each (35 watt equivalent) and dimmable, although we probably do not want to install expensive LED dimmers for a closet

The other 2 options I have considered are using 18' of LED tape across the whole ceiling of the closet or linking together 5 or 6 of the 36" Ikea Komplement LED strips (GC thinks he can modify to hardwire, even though they are designed to be plugged in).

I would appreciate any recommendations.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD recessed LEDs I bought

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