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Should we buy a front load washer?

16 years ago

Hello everyone! The missus and I are new here.

We're moving into our first home from our apartment where we've used a top loading washing machine which has done its job.

We've been doing our homework and are thinking about getting a (LG model#WM2455H) front loader.

We know about the savings involved and all that, but we still have some questions we hope some of you can help answer:

1. Hand wash and delicate items - is it true that a front loader treats hand wash and delicate items the same as any other load? Someone said on another forum that top loaders handle these items better, is this true?

2. Someone said that since front loaders don't have a warm water rinse for cottons, they won't get a front loader. What is the importance of this?

3. Is it true that top loaders now have a water restriction and because of that restriction, the newer models can't clean as effectively as they once did?

Thank you!

Paul & Nancy

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