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Apron Sink-Shaw or Kohler Whitehaven

10 years ago

Am needing to pick out a sink for my farmhouse kitchen and am overwhelmed as usual. The Shaw apron sink is upwards of $1300 while the Kohler Whitehaven is about $810. I also saw a Kohler sink that was not an apron sink, but had a double bowl with a very very low divider between the two bowls. That one was about $550. I liked all three actually. However, since I am having white inset cabinets with a fair amount of open shelving in an 1860's farmhouse, I suppose I should stick with the apron sink look.
1.. Has anyone had issues with either of the farmhouse sinks?

2. Do you prefer one over the other and why?

3.The Kohler Whitehaven is made in China and the Shaw in Europe. Any problems with quality with either of these models?

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