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Is putting a washer dryer set in a bathroom a good or bad idea?

11 years ago

This is a cross post from the bathroom forum. Here goes. I want to consider getting a stacked set w/d in the next few years and put it in a highly used bath with a shower. I could put in a side by side but it would mean moving a wall a few feet to make room, so for now I am thinking a stacked set. Currently my thought is that it may be too humid to do this even with an exhaust fan. Our current fan is marginal at best, but would be upgraded. I worry about the humidity causing problems for the steel and the circuit boards. What are the thoughts on this forum and if any one has recommendations as to brands, that would be helpful. I understand there are multiple issues to consider but I want to know this one first before I go any further down this road.

Thank you.

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