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Tearing my hair out, looking for pulls

10 years ago

I'm on the hunt for cabinet pulls in oil rubbed bronze, not polished or satin nickel. I don't want the highlighted bronze with copper accents or the other variations out there. I want to find pulls in a lovely matte, solidly colored dark bronze. I'm finding all kinds of pulls that I love but when I go to find them in a finish other than nickel, I'm almost always disappointed. The only 2 pulls that I found that I liked, that felt good and were in a finish I liked were $15 and $22 each. OUCH! Serves me right for marching to my own drummer (again).

This is for my bathroom but I know I'll have the same issues when it comes to the kitchen.

Please help! Tell me where to go to find a good selection of decent pulls in classic designs (nothing too fancy) in ORB. Please help me to stop feeling like a square peg in a round holed world.

If all else fails, I can always go with satin nickel but I much prefer ORB on medium stained QS oak.


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