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Suggestions for decorating my master bedroom

12 years ago

Okay, so I’m getting ready to work on our master bedroom and decorating bedrooms is particularly difficult for me. So here’s my house. It’s kind of a rustic, cabin-y, lakeside home. I don’t want it too rustic on the inside, or have lodge or moose décor or anything like that.

This is the basic plan for the kitchen and living area:

So, I will be showing you the room shortly, but I feel the need to say a few things first. We have done nothing with it, except put in the essentials. It was important that the items in the room be cheap or free or something we already owned, so the don’t go together or look good. I totally realize that my college bedding, the hideous rug, and the chair in desperate need of upholstery, do not in anyway go together or capture the look I am trying to achieve. And the window treatments don’t match. I know that there is probably a better place to put the air filter. And if you begin to suspect that I don’t own a vacuum, the stuff on the floor is actually pieces of foamy stuff from the carpet pad that wouldn’t come up when I ripped out the green and brown swirl shag carpet.

So it just had to be functional while I was dealing with more pressing issues such as large amounts of urine-soaked carpet, glitter-enhanced popcorn ceilings, window treatments that appeared to have been constructed from the clothing worn by Jeannie in "I dream of Jeannie", and other disasters such as these:

(My kitchen)

(My upstairs bathroom)

(The carpet in the basement)

(Please don't be jealous)

So here is the room:

(West wall)

(North wall)

(East wall)

(South wall)

Generally I like simple, clean, uncluttered, well-built, old, and I usually like things in Coastal Living mag, Country Living mag, This Old House mag, and the Pottery Barn catalog, except for the “shabby-chic” type stuff. I don’t like modern, fru-fru, Victorian, or fancy. I can’t stand glitter. Anyway, I want my bedroom to be a peaceful, cozy, relaxing place to unwind and sleep, but not like a French “boudoir”, if that makes sense.

So, if you’ve got suggestions for furniture arrangements, what needs to go/stay, finish carpentry, light fixtures, paint color, carpet, window treatments, furniture, things to put on the wall (and where to put them), bedding, or any inspiration photos, please feel free to lay them on me!

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