I am so stuck! - art over my fireplace

10 years ago

I have been working with a great decorator who helped me choose the sofa, chairs, paint, etc. I am now working with her on a coffee table and end table as well as my dining room. I have put up some of my previous wall pieces just temporarily. I do not like the art over the fireplace and we discussed what I could do. While I could have her just "pick something out", I want to do it so it absolutely reflects me. I have many pieces in my home from previous decorators that I do not love! The frame could possibly work, but the colors are all wrong. First, I need to bring in some of the blue. Second, it is way too dark. Despite what the pictures look it, this room tends to be dark and I don't want a dark blob over the fireplace. I have searched and like sites for hours. Nothing is jumping out at me.

Now I am thinking that maybe I don't want a painting - but maybe something else - but what??? To the left are two black framed pieces which are going. I am going to replace them with either 2 or 3 crown molding shelves, about 32" on which I can place pictures, etc. They will be more the color of the woodwork, but a little darker.

These pictures are not the best and the colors are not great. The grouping of pictures is antique stitchery samplers. My style is more traditional and I do have quite a few older, antique pieces.

I would like to go shopping tonight - but have no idea what to look for. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is a photo looking directly at the fireplace.

These are photos going around the room - colors are not accurate. They photographed very washed out and I don't know how to correct that. The proportion is also not accurate. Pictures look lost on some of the walls!

These plaques will be replaced by two or three shelves.

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