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Honed or polished absolute black granite?

12 years ago

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive, calm (not a lot of movement), practical countertop for my basement kitchen (tiny with island) and basement half bath. It will be a teen area, and has white/light cream cabinets and dark hardwoods. I think the absolute black granite is a great choice for there - not super expensive and bulletproof. I am wavering between honed and polished. The fabricator is telling me that if you put an enhancing sealer on the honed, it is easy to live with and solves some of the fingerprint problems I have read about. The honed also fits a bit better with the casual basement environment (we have a shiplap backsplash and the bar overlooks a pool table). She also said dust is an issue with the polished . . . and this will be dusted every couple of weeks not every week for sure.

Thought, pictures, real life experience? All would be helpful!!!

P.S. The slab yard also had a great looking honed granite called Misty Gray - a little more expensive than the absolute black but it was pretty and may be worth it if it is more practical. . .

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