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Family / TV Room Recessed Lighting

11 years ago

I'm remodeling a family room primarily used for watching TV. I've seen a number of reccomended lighting layouts on this forum but my primary concern is.....a duct "chase" that runs along the ceiling for the floor above. (I've attached a layout) If I center the cans between the wall and the chase it brings the can on that chaseside of the room 4'6" from the wall and I'm concerned the area beneath the chase will be dark. If I move the can closer to the chase, I'm afraid the depth of the chase will block the light pattern and I will still have a dark spot ??

I was going to use 6 cans, 50watt Par30, Is this adequate ? or should I shift the layout so I can add two more smaller cans as accent lighting on the TV / Cabinet wall ? (eight larger cans seemed to be too many)

Any suggestions would be geatly appreciated. I've already learned a great deal from this forum and the people who readily share their knowledge deserve a big Thank-you !


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