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help me design my laundry closet please!

11 years ago

Hello all, we're getting ready to finish our basement and we'll be re-configuring my laundry area as part of that. The plan is for the new laundry to fit into a closet area approximately 60" wide by 30-32" deep. I can get a new washer and dryer, or I can keep my 12 year old Whirlpool pair with top-load washer that have served me very well.

So here are my options:

Option 1:

Washer and dryer side by side with shelves above -- PROS: good laundry folding area on top of the machines, can keep current machines if desired, good storage on 2 full width shelves. CONS: no laundry sink

Option 2:

Washer/dryer stacked with laundry sink and 2 small shelves above -- PROS: laundry sink (I have a cool vintage sink that I'm hoping to use if I go this route). CON: the only laundry folding area would be behind me in the hallway, least amount of storage

Option 3:

Washer/dryer stacked with small laundry-folding table/cabinet and shelves both above and below the table -- PROS: decent storage, convenient (but small) folding area. CON: no sink

So what would you recommend? If I don't have a laundry sink, I don't have any good place to do messy stuff like wash paintbrushes. There will be a sink in the bathroom that we are also be putting in, but I'd prefer not to do too much messy stuff there, plus that sink will be small. On the other hand, can I afford to give up the space in the laundry area for a sink? I don't think I need all that much storage...laundry soap, bleach, oxy clean, paper towels can probably all fit on a small shelf. Ironing board and iron can go in the closet across the hall from the laundry area. I'll get one of those fold-down valet hooks for hanging shirts as they come out of the dryer. I'll need to keep a basket of hangers somewhere. What else am I missing?

We're finishing the basement with resale in mind about 5 years from now, so I want to do what makes the most sense both for me and for future owners. We are a family of 2, but it's a 4 bedroom house so the next owners would likely be a larger family. 100 year old house in a fairly expensive historic area. I dream about upstairs laundry, but we aren't going down that road.

Here is the vintage sink I'd like to use in the laundry (with a wall mount faucet) if the plumber can make it work:

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