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Miele W4840 rubber seal leaking problem

13 years ago

How many Miele 48xx owners have experienced leaking door seal problem? I have had a Miele 4840 for two years. Like many of you I paid premium price and replaced all my appliances with Miele. I had problem with mild leakage at the rubber door seal within 2 months which Miele instantly replaced. Now after less than two years the problem is much bigger. Water gushes out and floods the floor during rinse cycle. The sad part is I thought it was a minor probllem at first. Actually the water was seeping into the floo .Bcasue of the floor level difference the water was flowing to the corner of the house getting under the base board, soking the sheet rock.I realised the extent of the damage only after I started seeing bubbles at the base board caulking line. When I called Miele they gave me the standard out of warranty answer and wanted me to pay a $150 visit fee just to send someone to take a look. I checked the rubber seal for any crack and found none. Did a normal wash cycle and watched the entire cycle sitting in front of the machine. The leak starts at the Rinse cycle about 20 min before the end of the cycle. This time I had a towel and a huge layer of paper twel to soak the water up and that is when I realized how much water must have been leaking out in every washing that I have done before. Upon writing an email they have scheduled to send a local independent repair person to come and check it out. But I wanted to see how many others have had similar leakage issue. This is really basd for a company that claims superior quality and craftsmanship for their appliances. Compared to that my older Kenmore top load served so weell with not a single service issue for almost 18 years and even when I got rid of it the smple machine was in mintworking conditionBy the way the dryer that came with it had to replaced within one year because of a recall issue and when the service guy tried to upgrade the firmware to fix the problem the internal computer died. So much for quality and craftsmanship. Four of my neighbors that I had talked into to look at Miele when they staretd remodeling their homes have now decided to look at other brands after hearing my experience.

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