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Minimum length of a laundry closet for side by side W/D

12 years ago

Hi all,

I spend most of my time over in the Kitchen Forum, but we're doing a whole house remodel, including a new laundry room. Hopefully this will be a pretty straightforward question/answer.

We just unstacked our front loaders and are creating a small laundry room (think closet) behind bi-fold doors. We haven't put up any studs yet. For the HE machines, the opening where the W/D slide in only needs to be 56" wide. But I'm thinking that someday we will return to top-loaders, which are wider. But I don't know how much space to allow for. I know this is a pretty general question but how much space do 2 large top loaders take up, side by side? We want to make sure our laundry closet will be big enough if we decide to go down that path in the future.


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