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Low voltage linear lighting under cabinet wiring question

15 years ago

I would like to use low voltage linear lighting something like the Kichler Linear or Seagull Ambiance LX but have some questions about the wiring. I currently have the wires stubbed out for under cabinet lights. My electrician used 12awg Type NM-B wire behind the wall from cabinet to cabinet, if that makes sense. I understand that I need to put in a transformer after the switch. My kitchen is set up as follows (couldnt figure out how to post a drawing) corner cabinets with separate switch and one wire poking out under the cabinet. Second area, has like I said, two switches for the same lights--a two way switch? They are on opposite sides of the galley kitchen. On the first side it starts with a switch and the following cabinets... a 47" upper cabinet with two wires poking out (I assume that is one feed wire and one to connect to the next fixture). Then a range and a 17" cabinet again with the two wires. On the second side of the kitchen, there is the second switch powering the same under cabinet lights-to-be. First cabinet is 54" with two wires, then a sink/window combo, and then a 20" cabinet.

Questions, if I have a two way switch where does the transformer go? second, can I even use low voltage linear lighting with the wires in the wall being 12awg (most of the sites I looked at mentioned using 10awg)? thanks in advance. Would ask my electrician but I hate being talked down to.

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