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Orientation of refrigerator to rangetop - your opinions please

10 years ago

I am finalizing our kitchen layout and am totally stuck on one point, and that is the orientation of the refrigerator in relationship to my rangetop. In this part of the kitchen, I am working with an "L". I have laid out my two options below. I'd love to hear your opinions one way or the other.

As you enter through the kitchen doorway, the "L" is immediately to the left. (67" wall which runs into the "172" long rear wall where I am planning to center a 48" rangetop. This will be the focal point of the kitchen. I am using a 36" left -hinged all refrigerator, which allows me to open the crisper drawers with the frig door open at a 90 degree angle. With the door fully open at 90 degrees, the depth is about 61".

Option 1: Place the refrigerator so the side panel is immediately to the left as you enter the kitchen. The refrigerator would be nestled tightly between the doorway and the countertop on the rangetop wall. It will just fit, but would give me a usable blind corner for a Lemans unit to the left of the rangetop. The countertop to the right of the frig would be a black hole, but I think I can use this space to hide my mixer.

I am wondering if this is going to be too tight if someone is standing at the rangetop while someone is standing at the refrigerator? I have contemplated moving the rangetop to the right about another 6" to make this work a little better.

Option 2. If I place the refrigerator on the same wall as the rangetop, the left side of the frig will be up against the 67" wall. With the door fully open at 90 degrees, I will have 7 inches before the trim on the door. With this configuration, the counter between the frig and rangetop should be about 30" This would allow better circulation around the island, but I would be giving up the Lemans. With the refrigerator closed, I will have a 42" blank wall, which I suppose I could decorate with art, etc.

One other point I should mention is that I have given up my double ovens, and am going with a 30" single oven and a separate steam oven, so I am thinking I can put my 30" oven under the counter between the frig and rangetop. It doesn't have to go there, but I thought it might be a judicious use of the space.

My other concern is that I might not like not being able to open the door wider than 90 degrees, but I think the access to the frig will be easier for others in the kitchen and would eliminate the 'bum bumping" that might occur if I put the frig on the 67" wall.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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