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Lighting in living room and dining room

11 years ago

This house has some lighting issues that I want to solve over time as funds permit. I know what I want to do with the other rooms, but am a bit uncertain in the living room and dining room.

The house was built in 1926. The living room has a very high ceiling with no lighting fixtures of any kind. The dining room has the orginal chandelier, which doesn't provide enough light to suit me at night. It provides enough for a romantic dinner, but not enough for cleaning up after dinner or for playing a board game and such.

So for the living room, I think the solution is lamps, some floor lamps with light going up, some table lamps. Just basically multiple lamps that send the light in different directions. Does that sound right?

For the dining room though I am a bit perplexed. Is the long term solution to add cans around the perimeter of the ceiling? We could add scones--maybe in addition as I am not sure two or maybe four (only two sections of wall for lighting on the wall) sconces would be enough additional light? These solutions would need to wait for a while until there are funds for the electrian and for any patching and likely repainting the room (old plaster walls and ceiling). What do you think?

Any suggestions for a short term fix that would look appropriate in the dining room? I could potentially set one lamp on a piece of furniture (currently some cubbies from Sundance), although it would be a bit far from the dining room table to provide much light to it. Or I could potentially put a floor lamp in one corner. What do you think?


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