Eames chair/ottoman

11 years ago

Just saw this on my local CL. Price seems way high - but I know nothing about MCM furniture. DH is looking for a recliner, I need it to be fairly small and look good with my "transitional" LR. What's a fair price (we were looking at new Palliser leather recliners for $740-$1000 range but now local furniture store isn't carrying Palliser any more b/c of exchange rate).

Here's our LR (for those of you who haven't seen it in my TV threads!)

New TV (will go on wall with DVD player on table underneath - we already got rid of the old TV stand shoved nder the window in this pic)

New table (bad Paint job - bought it unfinished but this is what I hope for it to look like after finishing) - DVDs will go on the shelf, DVD player on top

Going to hang drapes to frame window something like this (the table is taller than this, will come up b/t the windows something like the table the TV is sitting on now). The rods aren't as hefty as in the drawing.


Drapery fabric and rod

So will something this style fit in with my new leather sofa, "Arts and Crafts" style cheap rubberwood tables, Morroccan Tile drapes, and traditional floral wool rug? What do you think about the price?

Here is a link that might be useful: Eames chair

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