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Cabinet maker screwed up cabinet stain badly... denies wrongdoing

10 years ago

Please look at the picture. It's a crappy cell phone picture but you will get the idea. To me the sample is brown and is of the color I wanted for my kitchen. The actual cabinet color is pretty much black or charred wood.

I brought a door to them last week. The customer service guy looked at it and admitted difference in shades. They took it for lab analysis, said would get in touch soon.

Today (after being ignored for over a week and a few calls that just went nowhere) I went there in person, and they told me to my face that this is "an acceptable color variation"... I told them, not it's not a variation of a color, it's a completely different color, but they kept singing the "it looks aight" song. I asked to speak with their supervisor, and they told me the boss of the company looked at it and was one of the people to say there was absolutely nothing wrong with my stain.

What can I do? Lawsuit? Any suggestions?

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