Need inspiration to decorate dark, urban condo - Sources?

11 years ago

My sister lives in a beautiful old church that was converted into 8 condos about 25 years ago. The kitchen has been redone, but the rest of the condo needs a complete overhaul. Her condo is partly underground, and is very dark as only a narrow driveway separates her from the 3-story town house next door.

She prefers more modern furniture. Most of her accessories are Asian, collected many years ago by her late husband. She needs to find a direction in home decorating, a look, and needs sources of inspiration. She loves where she lives except for her personal space. She feels like she lives in a box.

I was hoping for suggestions of magazines, catalogs, blogs or even direct sources in Philadelphia. We went to the Philly Home Show last weekend looking for something?? and were very disappointed. She needs an "Urban Condo Show".



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