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Questions about Lighting Needs & LED Color Temp & Application

11 years ago

I'd like to do something in my bathroom remodel with LED to provide soft low lighting and night lighting. I would have this hardwired in by my electrician. I also want to get opinions on my planned lighting in general.

Background on the remodel:

1) The bathroom is next to the kitchen. It will have a black slate floor. There is one window in the room. The walls will have white tile 4' up, and the upper walls will be painted a medium light gray color. The room is 9.5' x 6.5'. I am going with an open painted wood vanity with a lower shelf. I will hang a mirror above this vanity.

2) For my current planned lighting, I will have 2 sconces on the wall, either side of the mirror, over the vanity. These sconces are rated for 100w incandescent bulbs. I will put these sconces on a dimmer. In the past, 2 florescent tubes next to the mirror (of the 18" variety) gave plenty of light for the whole room. When that fixture failed, a lamp with a 60watt bulb provided plenty of general lighting, but not enough lighting for the vanity mirror area.

3) I have a 7' ceiling so I don't want a flush mount as I am concerned that my 6'4" son and other taller extended family members will hit there heads. This is an old house. I don't want to put a canned light into the ceiling.

So, I thought a stretch of LED lighting under the vanity shelf would look good and provide soft low level light. The floor is not shiny, so will not glare or be too reflective. I would also use a dimmer. I would use about 2.5' feet of h20 proof lighting, at 1.44 watts/ft and 70 to 78 lumens/ft, depending on the color temp.

Another thought I had was to surround an oval piece of primed and painted plywood (smaller than my vanity mirror) with a strip of the same lighting (h2o proof) and mount it on the wall, then hang an oval mirror over this fixture. I would have it on the same dimmer so that the intensity would match the vanity light strip.

I just don't know if lighting around a mirror is TOO over the top for this remodel that is not of a contemporary or modern design. The mirror will be a dark iron oval, unadorned. The main function of this lighting would be to give soft lighting in the evenings for the use of this heavily used BR.

I have LED in my kitchen and LOVE them. I used the warm color around 2700K, I believe. They are dimmable with a switch.

My questions are:

1) Are my 2 sconces at 100watts each enough lighting for this room?

2) Would the addition of LED lighting under the vanity shelf add a nice night light?

3) What color temp would be best for this cool colored bathroom? I have 2 choices, 2700k or 5000k. I have 2700k in my kitchen and sometimes they are slightly too yellow looking, but it is ok because I have warm colors in my kitchen. I am leaning towards the 5000k temp because of my cool color scheme in the BR.

4) Is the mirror idea too over the top and just goofy? The mirror lighting would be on with the vanity and not necessarily used with the sconces for makeup, shaving, etc.

5) Should I go with 12v lighting only or take the option of going with a 24v system.

6) Last, where is LED going in the future?

I appreciate the time it took to read this long post. Any input would be helpful.

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