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Layout with 18 ft. opening

12 years ago

Hi folks, after meeting with an architect, we were told we can have an 18 ft. wide opening to the addition without a vertical support. Here is our revised layout proposal. There would be a half wall with at least a 6" backsplash separating the sink run of cabinets from the buffet cabinet on the other side. Full wall vertical supports would be the 2' on the left end, and 4' on the right end. Don't want the sink to be too far from the range; thinking big sink, trash pullout, corner cabinet, 15" cabinet (drawers if that's not too narrow?) then the range. Opened pantry items (cereal, rice, etc.) would be stored within the kitchen. Could have a 2' wide tall pantry cabinet on the other side of the 2' full wall for backups of close at hand items such as canned goods. The 4' pantry would be for Costco paper towels, crock pot, etc. - items that are not daily use. The left end of the sink run would have a 15" overhang to tuck a stool under, then 33" drawers for dishes, then the dishwasher. Want to look into an Advantium oven to place immediately to the right when entering kitchen. Was thinking about a small, shallow sink base directly to the right of the big sink for a drainboard, so it doesn't sit on the counter. There would be no faucet there - could the trash pull out go under it? (I know it's not preferred for under a regular sink.) This seems to be the best layout that will work; just wondering about the main sink (will be single bowl), as don't want part of it obscured by the full wall on the other side, and it will not be centered at all. Any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated, I so want to move forward! Thanks. P.S. the 4' pantry could be a cabinet vs. built-in closet - will look into whichever is most cost effective.


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