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Breakfast Nook Light - Take 2! (more options - what do you think?

11 years ago

Hello again!

Here is thread #2 in "The Search for a Breakfast Nook Light." (Didn't want new options getting buried in the old thread.) Thank you, thank you, thank you all SO much for your help! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

To re-cap:

- Kitchen has 8' ceilings, and a big ugly soffit (12" tall by 19" deep). Don't want bulbs too close to it.

- Kitchen style goal is simple, elegant cottage (on a budget; we have a curvy chrome victorian faucet, SS appliances, and hardware will have a "silver" finish (not sure exactly what yet). Lighting in rest of 1st floor is ORB.

- Kitching lighting = 1 recessed light over sink, ceiling fan w/ two 13 watt CFLs, undercab lights, under range hood & microwave light, + soon to be puchased nook light - We need the nook light to provide enough light

Here are the contenders (as much as I LOVE C, the shade is opaque, hence the new options - special thanks to athomeinva for some of the choices!):

And some kitchen pics:

Render (bronze chandelier is light being replaced b/c bulbs are at top of fixture and 6.5" away from soffit)

In Progress:

Current nook table - 57.5"l x 42"w

Color scheme:


Here is a link that might be useful: Original thread (in case anyone is bored, lol)

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