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FL on the right -Duet 97hex vs. LG WM3875 HVCA vs. Miele 4842

12 years ago

Well, Hurricane Irene took out my 14 yo Kenmore 90 series top loader. I wasn't too upset, because I have been looking forward to upgrading to a new FL, anyway. However, the old machines are plumbed and vented for a washer on the right and I am told this makes the selection of a new FL more of an issue. Some Qs:

Does anyone have a washer with left side hinge ( all of them but Asko, Miele and Electrolux from what I hear) who also put the washer on the right? How much of a pain is it to walk around the door to transfer clothes to the dryer? Would a platform make this any easier?

Anyone reverse the order of the machines and cross the pipes and vents? Was it a big deal? How much farther out did you have to pull the machines to accomplish this? I'd also have to move an electric switch if I got platforms.

I like the good reviews on the LG WM3875 but one dealer told me some people wait a long time for Korean parts. True or hype?

Two places were really pushing the Miele - they say the 4842 is much improved over the 4840 and that it will last 20 plus years. The door issue works best for us, but is it really worth shelling out big bucks to avoid walking around? No doubt the build quality of Miele is in another class. Not sure that translates to performance or reliability, though.

I'm also looking seriously at the Whirlpool Duet 97HEX and another LG, the Studio ( two year warranty). Both would involve the previously described walk around the door OR pulling out the machines in an already tight area. Could possibly move things around, though.

Lastly, as far as replacing the five yo dryer, one guy tells me the old dryers use more wattage than needed for the more efficient dryers and that clothes can shrink as a result. I was considering replacing for steam feature, ergonomics and esthetics anyway, but is this true?

What would you do? Thanks!

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