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please help me select led ucl for my kitchen reno,

9 years ago

I read many of the posts in the long thread about led but I'll be honest, I just don't have the time to read through all the post and I also can't retain all the information about a dozen posts. If you could give me some suggestions I'd appreciate it. I want to have dimmable rgb led's but have determined I can't get the lumens (brightness) I want so I'll have to go with rgb for mood lighting which can be purchased easily, but the more difficult decision is the white led's which will be used 80% of the time, so I'll need two separate switches. It is for a U-shaped kitchen that I'm presently building the cabinets for. These are my requirements for the white led's which will be used most often.

1. Non dimmable.
2. Under cabinet valance will be 1.5"
3. Light output needs to be high in comparison to my existing fluorescent fixtures.
4. I prefer daylight or color temperature between 5000-6500k
5. Shortest length will be 18" longest will be 48" with a total span of 17' with two extensions needed for window and range separation.
6. Budget is $250.00.
7. I'm set up for line or low voltage.
Below is the present brightness I'm looking to replace.

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