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Will different brands/types of LEDs dim equally on same circuit?

11 years ago

i recently added an Archipelago 300 lumen LED bulb (about 3.5 watts) to a dimmer circuit that also had two 25 watt incandescent bulbs in it. Although the dimmer worked well at least down to half perceived brightness, the incandescents dimmed far faster than the LED did.

I'm worried now this wil be a problem in my basement currently being renovated, with about 8 Cree CR6 6" LEDs and 4 or 5 4" LEDs brand/type yet to be determined. Do differently branded LEDs tend to dim at the same rate? To same money, I was going to start out with separate trim kits designed for A19 or R20 bulbs but actually use dimmable 40-watt-replacement 8w LEDs, which are $10 each rather than $43 for Cree CR4 modules. But I want them to dim equally, with no buzzing. Am I asking for trouble?

The 6" cans won't fit everywhere we need them due to ductwork or plumbing in the way.

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