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Problems with new front load washer not getting clothes clean

9 years ago

Is it me or did I get a dud and need to send it back?

This is my first Front Loader. It is a Samsung and I was super excited when they delivered it. I have only had it for a month. I read a lot of the forums and I leave the door open after every load. The washer doesn't smell bad, but my clothes don't come out smelling clean. They aren't moldy or anything they just don't smell quite clean. I don't know if it is me or if my washer is a dud. I use Tide powder detergent (HE) with Biz (He) I do large mixed loads because I have 3 small children under the age of 5. I add vinegar to the wash, tried adding it to the rinse cycle, but it just dumps it in with the detergent. I do an extra rinse cycle and wash everything on normal cycle, hot temp, selected for heavy soil.

I am already missing my top loader.

IT IS NOT A LACK OF PERFUME SMELL. My clean clothes used to smell like water and an absence of other smells.Then I put them in the dryer and they come out smelling like bounce since those are the dryer sheets I use. Now I am using 3 dryer sheets instead of one to try and cover up the smell left by the washer.

They smell a little musty, or something similar. Just a little "off", but there is a smell there that isn't supposed to be there.

I did try the heavy duty cycle, but it just seems to be a bit harder on the clothes without any different result. Last night I did a self-clean cycle with bleach to sanitize the washer. I smelled the washer afterwards and the washer itself has a faint unpleasant smell, a little chemical/metal. I think the problem might just be the smell of my washer. I also put some food coloring and vinegar in a cup and dumped it in the fabric softener dispenser and it is definitely dumping it in with the detergent. I thought it was supposed to be dispensed during the rinse cycle? If adding vinegar to the detergent is a problem (which it shouldn't be) adding it to the rinse cycle should solve that problem, but the washer won't let me.

About filling the fabric dispenser too full or closing the drawer too hard... Thank you. I did not realize that I was filling it over the MAX point. Once I was aware I noticed that pouring slightly fast and sloshing a bit over is enough to make it dispense early. So the fabric softener problem is solved, but I still have trouble getting my clothes clean. I don't want to try the water level screw adjustment because I am pretty sure this would void my warranty. Also I can't remove my top plate since my units are stacked.

I am putting the soap in the correct dispenser. Yes I removed the insert for liquid detergent and I don't actually have a prewash detergent cup. I was probably adding too much detergent which contributed to the crusty feel of my clothes.

So I can get my clothes clean minus funky smell and crusty feel if I....

1. Set washer to hot water, high soil, extra rinse.
2. Only fill the drum half-way.
3. Add vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser and close very, very carefully.

I will probably never buy another front loader since I vastly prefer user friendly machines and only filling the drum halfway gives it less capacity than my previous top loader. Thank you for your help and I will continue to check posts for a while if anyone has additional good advice on how to get their front loader to work properly.

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