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No $70 Silgranit Sinks - the deal isn't real

Debbi Branka
10 years ago

Well ladies, the too good to be true price really was too good to be true. My shipment arrived today. A flat package that weighed 2 lbs. Yeah, it's a Blanco stainless steel 2.0 sink grid. This grid wouldn't even fit the 1.75 sink I ordered. Anyway, I immediately called and, although they were very nice, the bottom line is they offered me the $460 something sink for about $350 claiming that was the wholesale, zero profit margin, price for them. I said no thank you. They are processing a full refund and told me I can keep the sink grid to not have to go to the hassle of returning it. The customer service rep tried to be helpful, and when I questioned why they wouldn't honor their price, she sent me over to a customer service manager. He was also very nice, but wouldn't sell me the sink for $70. I'm not too upset as the sink was for our basement remodel that we haven't even started yet. I jumped on the price because it was an amazing deal. My first purchase from Wayfair. Browsing through their website, I think their prices are more expensive than other places on the web, so I probably won't make any other purchases there.
For all of you who ordered the sink, be prepared to call and get a refund, because you won't be getting a sink. And if by some chance someone DOES get a sink, please let us all know so we can get the same deal.

Thanks MMM for telling us about it. No hard feelings there - I was happy to try for the deal!

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