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Looking for some advice on repairing or replacing a heat pump

12 years ago

I have a heat pump/AC unit that is 17 years old. Up until this point it has worked fine, even through the hot summer we had here in the Virginia Beach area this year. However, now that winter has set in the heat is just not keeping up. I know nothing at all about HVAC and don't want to get ripped off. What I do know is that our unit is not too big but neither is our house. Its a two story condo and is a little under 1800 sqaure feet. One issue I could see for added installation costs is that our air handler is in the attic and the opening for the attic is in an upstairs closet and is not very big.

So I guess my questions would be:

Should I try and just have someone look at and fix the issue with the heat or should I just look to replace before the tax credit expires?

What brands should I consider if I am going to replace?

Is there anyone local (Hampton Roads) that would recommend a reputable company?

I saw on (I believe they are a national chain) that they are offering 3.9% financing for 60 months on select Trane Products. Are they going to up the costs of these units that qualify for the 3.9%

Finally are there any questions I should specifically ask the people that come out to give me an estimate?

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