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can't finish because I can't get started. circle game?

13 years ago

I don't know which it is; I guess it's both. I can't finish up because I can't get started or I can't get started cause I cannot finish up.

My kitchen is probably 99% finished; but I do need to do something on the sliding patio doors. Presently I have the 20 year old vertical blinds which don't look terrible, but they really don't look great. The patio doors are recessed a bit outward (like maybe 8-10 inches alcove?).

We rarely close the blinds but do like having the option. The vinyl blinds have worked for us because we have a drooly sheddy dog.

The kitchen and family room open to each other with that one large common wall(where the sliding doors are). I have one color painted through out both rooms. (Shaker beige- very lovely very easy to live with- iI also have beige carpeting in the family room... ).

In the family room I have blue sofa/loveseat. I am always partial to blue. I love them but they have not held up well at all, and they are 10-11 years old or so. They don't look terrible, but they really are not comfy to sit on any more. They are what I consider to be a good brand, Thomasville, but what is is. ON the other windows I have white faux wood blinds and I am happy with them. I would consider adding panels to them or just leaving as is.

I need to figure out what I am doing couch wise to figure out what I can do window wise.

I go around in circles because

1- I don't want to spend a lot on the couches ( I am not looking for junk, but what I thought should wear better did not... so not really trusting the aspect of great quality)

2- All I see when I have looked is beige or brown which could work (or grey or red which I don;t think I want) but I keep wishing I could find a really nice blue or something that would just capture my attention.

So I keep going around in circles. HELP!!!

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