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Need to replace my 15 year old Bosch washer

9 years ago

After about 15 years, my Bosch WFK 2401 needs to be replaced. I have it and a Bosch dryer sitting next to each other in a bathroom under a counter top with a wall on one side and a vanity on the other. They fit perfectly, so I have no room for anything larger. The dryer is still working fine so I just want to replace the washer.

I plan to move in the next year, so I'm not looking to spend a lot.

My first inclination is to go with another Bosch, the Accenta (~$875). The washer and drain connections are in the same place and I can plug the power cord into the back of my dryer, so hook up should be easy.

I was comparing the dimensions for the washers...
Old H:33-1/2+ W:23-5/8 D:22-1/4
Current H:33-1/4+ W:23-1/2 D:24-1/4

...and found the new model is 2" deeper. I tried pushing my current washer as far back as I can and if the new one is 2" deeper, it will stick out a bit more than an 1" past the counter top. I pulled my current washer out the extra inch and it looks odd.

I also took a look at a Maytag MHWC7500Y, it is only 20-1/8" deep. I can get it for $225 less than the Bosch model, but it requires 110V for power which I don't have, so I would need to get an outlet installed which probably make it more expensive.

I'm looking for some advice. Are there any other 220v washers I should consider? Or should just go with the new Bosch and not care about the washer sticking out the extra inch?

Thanks in advance,


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