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Help picking HVAC System

10 years ago

I have a 2100 sq. ft., 2 story home, in Louisville KY that needs a replacement HVAC system. I have two quotes that I've received that are vastly different in price that I am trying to make sense of.

The first is for a Bryant Evolution system. The AC is a 4 ton, 16 SEER. The Heat is 80% 90k BTU. Both are 2 stage and include a variable speed fan. This system includes a 4" media air filter. I want to get a Humidifier, which is an additional $660. The total installed is $9260. Model numbers are 315AAV048090 (gas furnace), 187BNA048 (AC), CNPUP4821AIA (Coil)

The second system is a Trane. Same stats, but with a 100k BTU furnace. They'd install the system plus a Honeywell Steam Humidifier and 4" media air filter for $12,364. The guy said that this is a complete communicating system. It drops to $10,871 for a non-communicating system. Model numbers are 4TTX8048A1000A (communicating AC), 4TTR70481000A (non-communicating AC), T4D2Z100ACV52A (furnace)

First, is the Bryant Evo a communicating system and what does that really mean? Second, why would the Trane system be 3k more? Which would you recommend? Last, is the Honeywell Steam Humidifier worthwhile?

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