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Which sofa fabric do you like?

12 years ago

Okay, I've moved from the table in my entryway to sofa fabrics now. As a reminder, here's my room with Lenox Tan on the walls:

This is the sofa I'm looking at:


Here's the three fabric samples:


The one on the right is actually the one in the picture of the sofa above. The fabric looks pretty light on the sofa in the store, but it's right next to the window, so I realized that it might not look as light in my house. I still consider it a lighter fabric, but just not as light as I initially thought it would be. It's just a hair bit lighter than the LT on my walls.

The fabric on the left is a little darker and just a hair bit darker than the LT with maybe a slight bit more gold. I'm also looking at the dark brown that's on the bottom of the one on the left.

My dilemmas are the two lighter ones are very close to my wall color which I'm not sure about. Then I think maybe it would be okay by the time I add some pillows or a throw and add other decorative accents to the room.

I like that the brown one would add contrast, but my tables are dark and I may eventually get medium to dark oak hardwood floors, so would that be too much dark?

I'm going to go back today and make sure I didn't miss any other fabrics that would work, but out of these three, which do you like?


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