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Duct design, return locations.

15 years ago

I have a new build 1-1/2 story craftsman style home. First level is 1400 sq.ft. with an open kitchen hearth room layout, mst BR in the rear. Second level is two kids room and small rec area, near 400 sq.ft.

Proposed heater location is under the stairwell which will allow supply and return ducting to be run vertical through a chase to above the second floor into the attic.

The system is to be an electric heat pump with 14 supply registers and two returns, one on each floor centrally located, up high. When I inquired about returns in many locations and specifically down low in stud cavaties, I was told that was "old school".

My climate is fairly mild in the northwest and I really do not see needing AC more than a few weeks a year. The company I am dealing with has a great reputation and is very expensive. I'm concerned about thier ducting philosophy though, as my little bit of research has indicated the opposite about return ducting if giving the option.

What is your take on this?

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