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Miele W4800 or W4840 and the extended option

16 years ago

If you have a larger Miele washer one of the 4800 or 4840s I want to know what differences in cycle format occurs when you select the extended option.

I currently have a 6K Miele 1986 which defaults to the quicker cycle which is fine for most loads. The prior models defaulted to the standard European longer cycle. When I select the extended option my 6K machine will give me the longer European type cycle.

The term extended is correct. Every phase of the cycle is longer but will still be reduced in time based on the size of the load. The wash takes longer, water heating is done more gradually, spins are longer, rinses are longer, and the machine will try longer to balance a load for each spin - especially the final spin.

I use the extended option only when I have a very heavily soiled load or one in which I want longer rinses to take place.

So for those of you that have these new larger washers can you tell us what differences you see when you select the extended option.


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