White Beveled Arabesque In Our Kitchen? Bee's opinion please!

9 years ago

DW & I love Beekeeperswife (Bee's) Arabesque as implemented in her kitchens - beautiful! We are in the process of a slight kitchen remodel (painted oak cabinets, tore out wall between kitchen and fam room, new Miele stuff, etc.) and are at the "backsplash selection" phase!

Bee (and everyone else),

What do you think about using white beveled arabesque in this backsplash area? We have been thinking about TONS of different BS ideas but keep coming back to the White Beveled Arabesque. Another BS material we think might be good is a subway tile either in white, biscuit or almond color. We think simpler is better for our kitchen.

Our countertops are Staron and we plan to keep - you can see the color - it is a light beige (we would of course prefer granite but these are "nice enough" and have been very easy to care for and we think the color is going to be fine with our remodeled colors.

The blue/gray wall paint is new and we love this color, but it will not be immediately above the countertops as it is shown in the picture - this area will be new backsplash.

We have looked at more complex backsplash themes but we think something simple would be better esp. since the area receiving the backsplash is a little broken up. We do plan to add the BS right up to the bottom of the cabinets. There is another small area on the other side of the kitchen that will also receive the new backsplash.

Note: The fluted trim around the new opening between the kitchen and the family room is (obviously) "in process".

The blue in the below picture is the most accurate representation of what the blue looks like!

Here is a close up of the Staron countertop color:

Here is a picture of the kitchen before we started:

I appreciate everyone's thoughts in advance!


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