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Need kitchen layout help; opinions appreciated!

11 years ago

Long time lurker, first time poster :) We are planning to build this summer. I had never thought that we would build a new house, and starting with a blank slate and no ideas or wish list has been really overwhelming. Here is my first draft and I would really appreciate your thoughts on flow and how to improve it. I am including my overall first floor plan (1 sq = 1 ft) and then the "zoomed in" kitchen-only drawing (2 sq = 1 ft) with all my notes.



Things that I like at this point are:

*The raised D/W with continuation of the raised wall to hide the sink and kitchen mess from the living room.

*The corner pantry with room for appliances

*Phone cubby and room for more canned foods on west wall

*Large counter space on island so kids can have room to help with cooking/baking, etc.

Things I'm concerned about:

*No room for window on north wall (although the south wall will be full of windows and I do plan on having patio or french doors opening up outside of the kitchen table which will provide a little light

*Lack of upper cabinets, although I should have room for everything I need with pantry, can cabinet, etc

*Fridge opening at the widest point of island

*Too much floor space to travel? I am so used to being in my 10x9 foot kitchen (which is way too crowded with my husband, 3 cats and 3 girls), that I can't imagine not being right at the sink or stove when I turn around :)

I would love ANY advice or thoughts on layout...It won't hurt my feelings, I just want to change things I need to in the planning stage and not in the building stage!

(Obviously the pictures are not facing the same directions...I tried changing them from photobucket before adding here but it didn't work...hope its not too confusing)

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