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should I replace or rebuild my boiler

16 years ago

I have received conflicting adice on this matter.... I have a 30 year old burnham gas boiler in my 2 flat.. It seems to work just fine, except the bills are killing me... I have looked into the cost of replacing it with a more efficient unit but a few people I have talked to say I should just change it to an electronic pilot and add a damper and some misc. parts and it will do the trick... others say it isn't worth putting in the money on an old unit and I should just replace it... others suggest that even with a new unit, I should still go with pilot igniter as opposed to pilotless...what do you guys think.. also one place did my calculations on how big a unit I need by calculating the total linear footage of my baseboard heaters along with the dementions of my radiators (have both in building). I have about 3,000 square ft of living space in the 2 units combined in a brig building with decent insulation and my current unit is 300,00 btu output and 260,000 input.

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